Genuine expressions. Quality images.

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Confidence and Approachability


Regardless of the purpose of your headshot, you’ll want to portray confidence and approachability to whomever your audience may be.  You can expect expert coaching during the shoot so that you don’t have to worry about things like your hair being out of place or a wrinkle in your shirt.  Your session always includes professional consultation throughout the entire experience.  This will be a fun experience that you will enjoy!


Once the session is over, I’ll ask you to relax, get comfortable, maybe have a coffee or tea, so that we can both review your images that you’ll choose to be professionally retouched.  Of course, you’ll still receive my expert opinion on what makes a great headshot but feel free to choose the images that work for you.


Once you’ve made your selections, these images will be professionally edited and retouched as required and I always endeavor to get you the highest quality jpegs as soon as possible following your session.

What can I expect?

When you confirm your session with me, you are starting your journey to a photography session focused on you and your brand.  It’s a private session with no real-time limit so you can feel comfortable that you won’t be rushed.  At the same time, I know your time is valuable so your private session will be efficient. 


There are multiple backgrounds you can choose from but I’ll provide you with my professional opinion based on the outfits you choose.  Feel free to bring any number of outfits that you are comfortable with. I’ve got plenty of experience doing professional headshots so my main focus will be on you and what different looks or expressions we can create in order to achieve quality results that you’ll love.  Click this button for further information.

Session Fees, per individual: $200.00

Plus $100 per image fee, as chosen by you

Sessions Include:

  • one on one wardrobe, hair and make-up suggestions, styling suggestions and advice

  • no limit to outfit and background changes

  • no time limit on your session, I want you to be comfortable and not feel rushed

  • professional coaching throughout the session so that you look your absolute best

For larger groups or corporate headshots, please contact me so that we can discuss your needs and customize a package to accommodate your schedule and location.

Packages are available and highly customizable depending on your individual needs and preferences.

Different choices of backgrounds are available.  

Please contact me for a free personal consultation to identify your needs and your brand.